Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Introduction

I opened this account a while ago, and haven't ever really done anything with it. Going to be using for two things, really; firstly to post anything I write for the likes of Associated Content, a well-hated site that nevertheless pays me surprisingly well for my incoherent ramblings. You may find something that interests you, you may not. I make no guarantees. Click on the links either way, though, I appreciate the page hits.

The second use will be fairly trite, in some ways. I hate to sound all 1980s pop-psychology, but I've come a long way from being myself, or who I consider myself to be. Somewhere along the line, amongst jarring changes in the culture I'm living in, and various other circumstances, my trains of thought have drifted off from what I'd consider my normal, happy self. The self I used to have when I was writing, and posting random shit to my journal. I think I've spent the last few years reacting to being a foreigner in a decidedly odd country, rather than acting like me regardless of where I am. I need to get back on my home turf, even though my home turf is about 4,000 miles away. The home turf of my state of mind, as it were.

Hence the title of this blog. If anything anchors me mentally, it's typing until things make sense. Writing is an enormous outlet for me, a way to rail against the things in life that piss me off, a way to gather my thoughts. A way to a place where I should be, and where those around me deserve me to be.

A way home.

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