Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a quickish update to say goodbye to a couple of things, at least for the forseeable future; eventually, I might well go back to them, but for now it’s au revoir.

Firstly, goodbye Wordpress, and hello Blogspot. There are various minor reasons I decided to port my blog over to there, none of which add up to anything convincing, besides wanting to give the major competition a try. My online life is already pretty dominated by Google; my email, RSS feeds, and search engine needs are already solely met by them, Google Docs is the best of a bad bunch of online word processors (when I actually need one), Youtube is owned by... yep, you guessed. Might as well see if the blog is any better right now.

Secondly, the last update of Ubuntu didn’t agree with the laptop. After a couple of days of poking around and reinstalling the whole thing, I reached the conclusion it was a) probably the video drivers that were causing the problem, and b) it was fixable, probably, though most likely beyond my ken to do so any time soon.

At about the same point, it occurred to me that anything I’m using regularly right now is available in Windows as well as Linux, and to be honest, most of the Windows binaries are a damned sight easier to install than most Linux builds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of Ubuntu, and I do like the OS as a whole, but functionally, there’s no reason for me to be using it right now, other than to be faintly smug and elitist.

So, Windows 98 it is for now.

The nice thing of course, is decisions like these aren’t set in stone. I can change my mind tomorrow, and revert back and forth as the mood suits me. It might piss off my readers if I kept switching blog URLs all the time, but I’m sure both of them would cope.

If only all choices in life were so easily changed ;)

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